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The Treacherous Wind unearths and scatters the Seed of the Prodigal Son. Chained by the Eye of the Other. The First Struggle to navigate the illusion of the Haze.


released September 11, 2013

Ian: Guitar
Pam: Bass
Rain: Drums
Joshua: Voice



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HARUKA San Diego, California

The New American Rock and Roll.

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Track Name: First Wind - "I can not fight..."
a gust of wind
will carry my mind away from pain
towards the night.
a flicker of light off to the side
and another
and another

you will find me there, alone.

-night walk-
little thoughts come to mind; tear away at life.

one step forward after the next
i leave you behind with every footprint

i step forward into the night.

focus, lost
(don't talk)
absorbed, free
(don't think)

god. speed. sight. blood. rush. breath.
doubt, fear, fall, death.

please, give me peace.
i just want to sleep.

promise a life
feed them a future
lead them to the end
with your words:

words. just words.

wait. wait.
wait for me before you leave.
say. say.
tell me something, anything.

i hope that this feeling will float away.

will it stay?
only temporarily?
only as a memory?


i struggled, i choked.
no words left my lips.
resigned into myself.
trapped inside my world.

(hidden, untouched)

and once more i fall from grace.
and to no one can i face

inside my world.
Track Name: Second Wind - "...what is not there."
look into her eyes.
frozen, out of time.
share in shame and guilt.
destroy the house you built.

-black spots-
black spots. clouded. tarnished. stained.

they follow me. they're blinding me.
i try, i try, i die.

fading away
clouded by the black spots in my mind's eye.

we are chained. we are caged. we are enslaved.
we are thrown. we are alone. we are unknown.

we are...
cast off from the garden
forever caught between right and wrong.

the greatest pain comes from a friend
eyes that pierce; words that tear

and it hurts when two lives are no longer shared.

the past is not real; the future is not real
why do i feel what i feel?
my peace is like the water that sits completely still
until a single stone is thrown;
a thought that ripples
back and forth

before i think
before i sink
i blink
but sometimes...

"the water sits completely still
but still"

hear a word. hear a voice.
no one.
what is real? who is there?
no one? ghost?

i hear you there; are you calling my name?
am i awake? am i awake?

leave her there, in the past
"no one"

web of illusion
lost in the haze
navigate the maze
voices destroy
voices create
enveloped in the haze

(demons;angels become one
silence; a forgotten tongue)

truth to no avail
as we wander through the haze